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Nature is

"The Timeless Architect"

that human beings can only aspire to


If one wishes to act like God, then one needs control of everything, and first and foremost in this?

Control of People


The people of the United Kingdom are now in a struggle to settle a decades old question visited upon them by their politicians.
To be, or not to be, a member of the European Superstatist organisation,
The European Union.




In current long term affairs there are issues like the drowning in the Mediterranean of unknown numbers of people trying to get to Europe and the UK as a result of open borders policies within the European Union, and the difficulty individual states are having of dealing with the fallout, both emotional and financial, of this ongoing tragedy.

For anyone who may feel this is all an acccident of fate and acts of God, this page may be of interest relating to the UK and the Common Market and other arrticles on this web site.


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