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Issues: Sovereignty

Anti-Human People?
(Psychopaths and psychopathy)

  • People and organisations acting against future interest

The UK Column item t is the 'Division of Labour' that allows specialisation of skills, without which that division remains extremely limited, generally the minimum number of activities required to ensure reliably the feeding, clothing, shelter, and successful survival of the individual or group.

2) A Mechanism: The Token

  • Life is a Survival Story

  • Money is a Token of Survival

Of the money created by banks for lending, 97% is created by debt: when borrowers borrow from banks, the banks create the money out of nothing against promissory notes issued by the borrowers. (This is why only the borrower's signatures are required when 'borrowing' the money.)

As debts increase, the borrowers become more in debt to the banks. The promissory note system is not essentially a system in which the banks lend to the borrowers money belonging to the banks, rather the banks lend the borrowers money belonging to the borrower in the future. In other words, the borrowers borrow money from the borrower's futures.

Whilst this might initially sound academic and of no practical purpose, it means the following.

When a bank carries out this lending of money, the facts stated above are not disclosed to the borrower. The reason the banks do not disclose this is that the banks then proceed to charge interest on the money as if the banks are lending their money and not the borrower's money to the bowers. The interest that the banks charge is not due on the money because they the banks are not lending their own money.

Due to the lack of disclosure of the fact that the bank is only pretending to lend their own money, followed by the charging of interest on money that is not the banks to charge interest on, each instance of a loan or mortgage of this nature from a bank is fraud, and the proceeds from the fraud are the monies paid in interest. The interest is charged on money that the banks did not have in the first place.

(Please see 'fractional reserve banking', which will provide the basis for an understanding of this.)

Broadly speaking, from and as a result of the above, the more debt in existence, the more interest is being paid by borrowers on money that the banks have, as described above, not actually lent.

This is a banking fraud that completely overshadows the PPI insurance fraud by a factor of many tens of thousands, or possibly even hundreds of thousands, so putting the total fraud into truly super-astronomical figures in many trillions of pounds or dollars.

Please watch the AV5 - Roger Hayes - Bankster Mortgage Fraud in the column on the right.



3) Wilful Ignorance?

We may be increasingly running away from the real world to the safety of a kind of virtual world, perhaps?

Maybe, but no-one can do this so well as the despicable BBC.

and Big Brother Watch

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4) It's a Woman's World

A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement | Cassie Jaye |


Is Modern Feminism starting to undermine Itself?
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