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Pure Education?

  • Natural education: 'growing up'

Human beings do not have a gene that imparts by natural virtue a 'good' element in each and every one of us. In all moral ways human beings are no better than animals, Even when human beings aspire to being better or more than animals of the animal kingdom, they can only support those beliefs by mutual delusion supported, as the case may be, by selective approach of evidence and reason.

We are governed by nature and god. The God referred to here is the God in the mind of the individual, regardless of whether he actually in reality exists or not. Those who object to any notion of God need not fret: mathematically speaking the equation that would define those particular people is one in which the variable 'God' is equal to zero.

One of the most defining characteristics of the human race that separates it from its fellow animals is that of the division of labour.

It is the 'Division of Labour' that allows specialisation of skills, without which that division remains extremely limited, generally the minimum number of activities required to ensure reliably the feeding, clothing, shelter, and successful survival of the individual or group.

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