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Principles - Common Law

From the time that Parliament was born,
with its Parliamentary Members inside it,
the members have tried to trump
Common Law and,
in recent years,
even do away with it altogether.

'Common Law'.

Equivalent to
'Natural Law'.

"You cannot have a fiction gaining authority over it's creator."

in Reference to Parliament: William Keyte

The common law of England has a number of advantages that give English law unique properties that have neither occurred or been evolved anywhere else in the world, and to which there is no known comparison system or basis.

It is a system, a founding principle, that has been often copied, adopted and adapted as far as possible, and mimicked throughout the world, to greater and lesser degrees of success and with various levels of authenticity. Yet nowhere has it been applied, or is it possible to apply it, as it has been possible for it to be applied when practised in the land in which it was born. This is to some extent down to historical reasons, but it is also caused by the immutability of its basic principles.

The first of the principles that makes this so is as already stated its origins, lying in the practices and customs of people.

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Anuli electum mae a forcum

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Source References

'Common Law'
also goes by another name,
'Natural Law',
which reflects the fact that
Common Law originally derived from the common practices of people living together in a land and how they commonly interacted with one another.

Alfred the Great
(and the origin of English Law)

(Common Law and the Common Law Court)

The British Constitution:
Re-Exposing Its Secrets
by William Keyte
(D and V Party Conference 2018)
The British Constitution

~ TheUniverseRocks ~
John Harris,
Freeman of England under the Common Law

Uk common law court in action

Courts Afraid of Us
Now & Lawful Bank:-
Roger Hayes, British Constitution Group (HD)

  Policeman Bows to Common Law

Police and photographers in London's Square Mile


Common law has existed in England for centuries, and is the law that evolved from the recognition of kings who, in the past, having conquered the land of England, sought to find the best way of ruling the people of England and sought to do so finding out what the customs and laws of the land were before they arrived, and after ascertained these adopting and incorporating them into new set of laws.

This is how the people of England, and to do so by finding out how they had hitherto been ruled.


However, it is easy to find counter logical practices that are increasingly rife in western society. A talk below shows a depressing example of anti logical practices organised on a national scale, given possibly inappropriate tax reliefs under the auspices of 'charity' status, and to which people are sent at taxpayers' expense.

Common Purpose manifested

Magistrate fails to prove Jurisdiction -
Freeman Dismisses case-pt1

Uk common law court in action

Make no mistake -- the BBC will NOT like this video.