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A case of widespread legal fraud - Bank mortgages

There is a strong case put up by Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group that banks, when they lend money for, say, the purchase of a house, at the time the (so called) loan is made, create the money (because it is money they do not have) and they do not lend money that they in fact possess.

The money that is taken as interest is charged on money that the banks do not have to lend. The borrower in these instances borrows money now from themselves in the future.

Interest charged and calculated on the so called loan is money that the borrower borrows now from himself or herself in the future without money that belongs to the bank being involved. This is the reason that the contract pertaining to a mortgage from a bank only requires a signature on the part of the borrower, and no signature is required or provided by the bank or bank's agent.

'Wilful ignorance'

Fiscal and monetary fraud. "Waffle and nonsense."

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