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Subversion by deceit

The Common Market, as the European Economic Community was commonly known, was joined by Britain under Prime Minister Edward Heath. He stated many times in response to concerns of people who asked the questions that the EEC was not a political union, was nothing to do with political union, and would never become a political union.

As is now commonly known, the EEC was conceived with every intention of bringing member states into a political union as homogeneous as would have been the Nazi Europe of the 1940's had Germany, under Hitler and his Nazis, have won that armed war known as the Second World War.

In order to facilitate this Mr Heath committed multiple acts of sedition and treason. Whatever his original reason for betraying his country, it seems that he is not known to have acknowledged his betrayals of his country at any time before he passed away. Yet he had stated unequivocally that there was no plan to for political union and that the EEC, or Common Market, into which he had taken the United Kingdom, had no plan for political union.

What it has been discovered from secret documents released under the 30 year rule is that Mr Heath had placed under the Official Secrets Act soon after he became Prime Minister in 1970 documents showing that the EEC was a cover for what was planned from the start: full political union.

It may easily be the case that England and the United Kingdom as a whole has never had a worse traitor than Edward Heath, or suffered a bigger betrayal than that perpetrated by him.

Acts of treason are now committed daily in the Parliament of the United Kingdom while directives from the enemy, the European Union, are received and actioned by traitorous Members of Parliament in the service and pay of the British government.

Just a reminder: In the United Kingdom Treason carries the death penalty.

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