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1) What Are We ?

  • We are what nature made us.

Human beings do not have a gene that imparts by natural virtue a 'good' element in each and every one of us. In all moral ways human beings are no better than animals, Even when human beings aspire to being better or more than animals of the animal kingdom, they can only support those beliefs by mutual delusion supported, as the case may be, by selective approach of evidence and reason.

We are governed by nature and god. The God referred to here is the God in the mind of the individual, regardless of whether he actually in reality exists or not. Those who object to any notion of God need not fret: mathematically speaking the equation that would define those particular people is one in which the variable 'God' is equal to zero.

One of the most defining characteristics of the human race that separates it from its fellow animals is that of the division of labour.

It is the 'Division of Labour' that allows specialisation of skills, without which that division remains extremely limited, generally the minimum number of activities required to ensure reliably the feeding, clothing, shelter, and successful survival of the individual or group.

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2) A Mechanism: The Token

  • Life is a Survival Story

  • Money is a Token of Survival

Necessitated by the division of labour, money, became necessary as a token of service owed by one person to another that was itself transferable, i.e. it could be used to transfer service with a third party.

Initially, it seems that the transfer, or transaction, took place in the form of exchange of goods for goods, or exchange of goods for service or services, or exchange of service or services for goods or, finally, exchange of service or services for service or services.

Rare metals, particularly gold, became the first form of transferable wealth.

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3) A comment on where we are going?

We may be increasingly running away from the real world to the safety of a kind of virtual world, perhaps?

Is it any wonder? Look at the following, and then <THINK> :and Big Brother Watch



4) Is it a Woman's World?


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So, is this a Woman's World After All?

A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement
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Some Great Achievements

Yves Rossy, better known as Jetman, does for real what Hollywood can only do as make believe and my, does he do it well.

Enjoy this film of Jetman flying over West Grand Canyon in May 2011.

People today are able to achieve technical wonders only because of the efforts and achievements of previous generations throughout all human history.

And, the means by which this was enabled was by 'division of labour'.

'Division of Labour is what allows the specialisation that allows technical achievements to begin, and more about the division of labour will subsequently be added to these pages. It is interesting to note at this point that an enabling tool becomes necessary immediately that division of labour is practised to any degree, and that is the token of exchange. Today we call this token generically by the name 'money'.

Here is another person who (past tense) did remarkable things in his long life:

Harry Beckhough, 1914 - 2015

The rainforest hermit
Who stepped out of the wild.
Australian Story