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War: Invasive - Collateral Murder

Guns and bombs, or other means?


The means of attack now include a considerable range of weaponised approaches, all of which are very close to direct attack, and are as follows:

  • Chemical trails from aircraft
  • Radiation by 5G microwaves
  • Enforced Vaccination of children
  • Artificially created drinking water shortages
  • Planned Food famine by genetically engineered crops and permitting of only limited arable farming

This is almost certainly not a comprehensive list, for it is known that there are possibilities of attack my biol-warfare and that there have been many experiments carried out against same nation nationals on both sides of the Atlantic by respective governments. Often quoted are the microwave and possible other directed energy "ray gun" attacks on the Greenham Common demonstrators of the 1970's and early 80's that resulted in at least a small number of deaths, and also some near deaths due to cancer caused by the radiation.


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