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Guiding Factors and Principles.

Nature placed animals and human beings on this earth,
and as a consequence they now exist.

Survival aids existence.

In fact, survival is absolutely necessary for continued existence on this earth or any other planet. This is the difference between life and inanimate objects.

So, as a first principle, say, a principle of life,
we have survival, and from this principle other principles follow.
This may seem a little over elemental at this point, but the further we go the
more obvious the principle of principles becomes.

The reason for this is that principles exist, in a sense,
parallel to a law of cause and effect.

In fact, principles exist as a result of cause and effect.
If life exists, survival is necessary.
Survival is necessitated as an effect of life existing.
In this principle, the existence of life is the cause, and the necessity of survival is the effect.

Drafted 5 August, posted 5 August, 2016.

Cause and Effect

Cause and effect is the fundamental principle necessary for understanding anything to which we may apply intelligence. It is a fundamental requirement as a basis for any honest and true understanding of anything. Furthermore, it is the essential building block of any logical thought process. Any other basis gives effect only to fake reality and untruth.

Logical thought, faithfully based upon cause and effect, builds reason.

No dishonest thought process can be based upon honest logical thought using cause and effect as it's component parts. Nor can faithful and correct conclusions arise from thought processes that are not based on honest logic.

Components of the above may seem obvious. However the importance of keeping everything founded upon logic based upon cause and effect can never be over stated, nor overstressed, and so they must be instilled into the very thought processed of people before the thoughts of the people can follow truth and reality accurately.


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Reality manifested

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

If you imagine it, you see it.
If you see it, you imagine it.

The above may make sense to you, yet the above may also not make sense to you.
All that that will signify is that, in making the above quote, you have managed to be both right, and wrong, at the same time.

One may think that this would very much please Mr Heisenberg, who codified the reality of uncertainty in his 'Uncertainty Principle', normally referred to as "Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle".
However, one would be mistaken to think this due to the fact the above is a switch in conception of the idea, which is psychological, whereas Mr Heisenberg's principle is a physical reality that has nothing to do with psychology, or concept.

In fact, the statement heading this note is no more than a mere anecdote.

Anecdotes should never be used unwittingly as proof of an idea - only at most as an illustration of an aspect of an idea.

Werner Heisenberg


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