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The defining human activity?

War is a defining activity that seems confined to the human race. It also seems confined to the parts of the human race that have become 'civilised', as opposed to tribal and relatively undeveloped. Still, in undeveloped areas there are still the tribal wars brought about by conflicts.

Ironic? Perhaps?

Activities that define the word 'war' first appear where aspirations of individuals or groups become focused on 'self' and where this is wrapped in a psychological phenomena known by the name 'psychopath' or psychopathic'.

Bilderberg WHISTLE Blower TELLS NWO from 1992 PLANS


George Hunt: Maurice Strong and Baca Ranch Land Grab

George Hunt - The New World Bank, Religion, and Rulers FULL VERSION

The above details the results of meeting in 1992 of the UN Earth Summit making World government a certainty and inevitability by planning that world currencies are secured against zero valued land (wasteland, deserts, etc) and then caused to collapse putting a fake currency in its place with mortgages on all the world's assets. This effectively will place all the world's wealth in the currency of the World Conservation Bank, which will be (is already) owned by a few of the world's wealthiest capitalists. The meeting that was recorded and listened to in this video was a meeting of world criminals that include the wealthiest people on earth, planning an enormous criminal act like never before which will result in the the world being materially owned by a few people, and the world's population by then being subjugated completely and consigned to the whims and slavery of those criminals.

The above communicates patent ACT OF WAR.

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Superstate endeavours for supremacy in Europe?

Superstates, or superstatist leaders, have brought about war on the largest scale that human conflict has ever embraced. Whilst sovereign states generally do not wish for nor relish war, superstates and superstatists do, because of the need for domination that is created by their aspirations to expand.

It is in this context that Peter Hitchen's lecture, or talk, below is undoubtedly interesting and, most likely, most enlightening also.

Following another line of inquiry we have the admirable efforts of Peter of England

Peter of England