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The Home of Human Architects

Nature is

"The Timeless Architect"

that human beings can only aspire to


Reality is that which is experienced the same by all observers and applies particularly to space, time, location and chronology, regardless of mood or biology.
In other words, reality is that which stands up to rigorous testing by repeated examination by different observers.


This web site is dedicated to building the world picture in terms of reality by piecing together the many and increasing number of fragments (and chunks of increasing size and mass) of truth available to us good human beings.


There are three kinds of people in this world:
1. Good people
2. Bad people
3. Idiots

Idiots are made up of two kinds of idiots:
Innocent Idiots
Guilty Idiots

From the above one can discern two classes of people:
class 'A'. Good People and Innocent Idiots
class 'B'. Bad People and Guilty Idiots

In principle, class 'A' people are essentially good, and class 'B' people are essentially bad.

When we look at who leads people today and where power really resides, we see that class 'B' people are using denial of freedom, oppression, and lawlessness including suppression of common law and denial of constitution in order to preside unlawfully over the masses consisting of class 'A'.



The task that this web site has therefore set out to achieve is the piecing together of what amounts to a very large jig-saw puzzle.

The picture that the jig-saw will tell when complete is not on the front of a box that originally contained the pieces, and the pieces are not delivered to us from a single source in a single container. Furthermore the pieces are not delivered to us by the people and organisations that we pay through compulsory taxes and subscriptions to keep us informed such as BBC, the newspapers, radio, government and politicians, but are offered to us by many people working to give us information on the world via the internet in their own time and often at considerable personal expense. These people are represented by a growing number who dedicate much of their own time and resources to doing precisely that.


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A demonstration of truth, as alternative to anything that the MSM (Mainstream Media) or BBC will report.

Who's running our country?

A demonstration of truth, as alternative to anything that the MSM (Mainstream Media) or BBC will report.