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Who is the "Timeless Architect" ?

The only
'Timeless Architect'
on this Earth is Nature

The only architect of Nature
on this Earth
is God

If there is a single feature of living men and women that sets them apart from any other species or being, it is 'family'.

Family begins with the union of man and woman and depends upon sovereignty under nature and god

Anything other than this is not of man, but is the enemy of both man and God

Divide men and women, and the family ceases to exist, and the offspring of living men and women are then exposed to the enemies of living men and women.

Whenever the living man or woman lends their sovereignty to a stranger, agent, or any other substitute the sovereignty granted by god and nature is at risk of betrayal by the fallacies, weaknesses and corruption of that stranger.

The offspring of those men and women will thereafter be available as slaves for the use and consumption by enemies of living men and women.

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The Timeless Architect is dedicated to truth and reality, and the creation of truthful and accurate record as far as possible of the living men and women of the earth of the homosapien species and who are capable of love, empathy, self control and selflessness, and mutual support in all their existence.

The Timeless Architect for the purposes of this web site is not in any way for the support of aliens, extra-terrestrials, or monsters.

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