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What may be "Extra" ?

Extra Terrestrial?

Or alien?

Aliens? or Extraterrestrials?

The problem in this subject lies in two main areas. First, while it seems almost certain that there are aliens, extra-terrestrials, or both, it is clear that there is a massive, deep and broad, effort on the part of relevant governments to covering up the existence of such entities. Second, sadly, there are huge numbers of people who have access to the means of publishing and mass distribution, most recognisably on the internet, of nefariously immature people who enjoy being pranksters and producing fake and fictitious false facts, films, reports, and doctored material.

There is a third problem that arises, especially in the USA, from the fact of people exploiting every opportunity to make money (often referred to as making a living) by sensationalising events and subject material when they lend themselves to this treatment, and possibly no better an example exists than that in the area around Roswell. This often descends into activities that involve manufacturing, for instance, images representing phenomena (e.g. aliens or extra-terrestrials) when in fact such phenomena were only previously described in words, written or spoken. Such 'visualisations' are thus patently false, or fake.

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UFO Encounter and what happened afterwards

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