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A criminal enterprise?

Following World War 2, a conflict fought by Germany, but that was in fact caused by puppeteers on both sides of the conflict who managed to stay outside of and immune from direct blame for the war, these same people when they saw that the European side of the conflict directly under the control of globalists, i.e. Germany, was likely to lose the war, authored the document formulating a future 'European Union'.

Martin Bormann was a member of the Nazi Pery who was also a signatory to the document.

Drafted 19 November, posted 23 November, 2014.

A clear and well written description of one of the most pernicious parts of the European Union Conspiracy.

This conspiracy has been committed first and foremost by British traitors one of whom was Ted Heath in 1970 and subsequently by aggressive 'political soldiers' in both Britain and other countries of the former WW2 allies of western European mainland, along with our first WW2 enemy, Germany, who were also a founder member of the European Economic Community (EEC), more commonly known as the then "Common Market".

Whether through ignorance or as deliberate acts of treason on the part of many British politicians who personally along the way sold out their consciences and integrity to the lucrative European 'gravy train', that it has always been a conspiracy enacted through multiple instances of treason is now beyond question. The now known fact of Ted Heath's committing of documents stating the ultimate aim as being a 'Union of Sovereign States' was revealed in the BBC programme 'The Sceptic Isle' presented by Peter Hitchens to have been enacted by him as soon as he became Prime Minister in 1970 by the sealing of the documents under the stamp "Secret", thereby assigning them to status of 'state secrets'. These documents I understand say enough to make it clear that what is taking place today and has been ever since was planned in detail in the 1960s, and the secrecy necessary to get it past the radar of decent minds in the decades immediately following Edward Heath's succession to Prime Minister. (Any inaccuracies in my statement might be corrected by Peter Hitchens, who personally discovered the secret documents in the BBC programme 'This Sceptic Isle', or Ben himself, and whose corrections I would be most grateful for.)

Of all the betrayals committed by people elected to high office and paid to hold those positions, and salaried people in supporting civil servant roles, yesterday's betrayal follows the proceedings in the House of Commons that took place last week in which the so called Conservative Party deliberately and deceitfully misled the House, thus depriving the MPs present of a vote on the European Arrest Warrant in that sitting. The most serious consequences of these are already taking the form as described in Ben Kelly's article, deplorable debacles as that on signal items deeply affecting individual rights under Habeas Corpus, and the multitude of transgressions of Habeas Corpus that will inevitably take place as a result, is a feeble "Cameron facing rebellion as he denies MPs vote on European arrest warrant" as the Guardian headline described it, followed by a predictable none-rebellion of the backbench of spineless so called Conservatives. No better example than this can be had to show the electorate why Mark Reckless went to UKIP and triggered today's Rochester and Strood by-election. The same for Douglas Carswell some months ago who now sits as UKIP's first Member of Parliament and who helped trigger the first division of the House on that dreadful day.

The situation we in Britain are in today, and which will not end at least until the May General Election next year, is an exact equivalent to the battle that took place between July and September 1940 of which an iconic photograph forms the avatar for the Timeless Architect on Twitter. That battle ultimately saved the world from Germany's Nazi Socialist Party's Nazism, which had almost consolidated it's 'Fortress Europe'. Today, the main difference is that there are no Messerschmitts, Dorniers, Heinkels, or Junker's 'Stukas', opposed by Hurricanes and Spitfires in the skies over Britain, but traitors on the ground in Britain within our own ruling classes who have over decades starting in the 1950's or earlier (Edward Heath the Timeless Architect understands was in hock with the Germans from 1937: ) conspired to destroy our sovereignty. Today they are opposed by only one group of people who themselves support Nigel Farage, and who collectively form the United Kingdom Independence Party.

However, victory in what could aptly be named 'Battle of Britain 2015-15' will require two more victories: overwhelming success of UKIP at the polls, a genuine referendum on EU membership by the UK, and victory in the referendum of a simple straight forward 'OUT' vote.

If we do not win this second Battle of Britain then the gifting of everything that the sacrifices made by previous generations in two World Wars, particularly the second, will be lost ... Forever.

While so far we have history repeating itself, we must watch for and support the people who are opposed to this tyranny that comes this time in the form of traitors to our country in partnership with the European Union. Should we fail in this task, rather than facing Germany's 'Fortress Europe' across the English Channel from the cliffs of Dover as in 1940, we will become inextricably locked in and part of the 'Fortress of the European Union'.



The following video, added on 2 May 2015, shows a debate in the European Parliament, in which the dangerous militarism of the EU is discussed.


The following details the links between Nazi Germany's academic 'thinkers' and the 'thinkers' behind the European Union, by Rodney Atkinson.
Added on 16 June 2015.


This is a textbook example, a demonstration, of the European Parliament today being conducted by the chairman so as to block proper procedure and deny dissenters.
Note: only conformists are respected.
Added on 16 June 2015.



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The greatest birthright of the English (and the provinces enjoined to England and known as 'Great Britain') is that of the British Constitution, written in the history of England starting with Alfred the Great, and resulting in Common Law, said to be England's greatest gift to the World.

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