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1) Corporate Food


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2) What to do?

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3) A comment on where we are going?


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Food betrayal: don’t swallow the lies
Alan Lewis | TEDxBoulder

Why is organic food so *#@! expensive??
Ali Partovi | TEDxManhattan



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Some Great Achievements

Yves Rossy, better known as Jetman, does for real what Hollywood can only do as make believe and my, does he do it well.

Enjoy this film of Jetman flying over West Grand Canyon in May 2011.

People today are able to achieve technical wonders only because of the efforts and achievements of previous generations throughout all human history.

And, the means by which this was enabled was by 'division of labour'.

'Division of Labour is what allows the specialisation that allows technical achievements to begin, and more about the division of labour will subsequently be added to these pages. It is interesting to note at this point that an enabling tool becomes necessary immediately that division of labour is practised to any degree, and that is the token of exchange. Today we call this token generically by the name 'money'.

Here is another person who (past tense) did remarkable things in his long life: