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Extra terrestrial aliens and alien intelligent life has obsessed many people since the time the concept took hold, especially following the books of Karl Sagan

  • From Roswell to today we may have come a considerable distance, but the problem of secrecy, in the event of aliens on earth being real, remains.

    "Supernatural is just a another term for aspects of nature that we don't understand."


The following is the dialogue between the interviewer (I) and the alien (A):

I: "O.K. We are recording."

I: "State planet or origin."

A: "Earth."

I: "Yesterday you told us that you travelled ... and I quote ..."Thousands of light years to get here'" "

A: "Yes."

I: "Tell us the truth or (indiscernible).

A: "It is truth. I am from earth. From your future.
To travel in time is to travel in space."

A: "Offset Spacial Divergence."

I: "So I take it aliens took over our future?"

A: "No."

I: "So you're human?"

A: "An evolutionary descendant."

I: "So you evolved from us?"

A: "Yes."

I: "So what are you doing here? Now"

A: "Observing. Since evidence was destroyed."

I: "How?"

A: "Nuclear ... Wars. Small numbers survived. Our ancestors."

I: "How about we concentrate on your time."

A: "You are not capable of comprehending or accepting the discoveries of my time."

A: "The origin of the universe ... the nature of so called life ... it is known."

I: "So, you know the meaning of life?"

A: "Not meaning. Nature. Meaning is something that is ascribed."
"Nature is the objective reality."

I: ""So you know how the universe is created?"

A: "Yes"

I: "So you've seen God?"

A: "We evolved past a need for superstition. The need for a God and other myths."

I: "Illuminate us."

A: "What happens when we die. Death is a human construct. It does not exist. You will experience ... and have experienced ... every instance of so called life.
You. Me. Him.
We are instances of the same life. Separated by what you call death."

I: "So let me get this straight. There is no death ... and we all experience each other's lives. Right?"

A: "In essence, yes.

I: "So, why was the universe created and why is it so perfectly made for us?"

A: "There are an infinite umber of universes. Each with different physical properties. Virtually all do not support life ... such as you know it. We exist in a universe that does support ... so called life.
That is all."

I: "Moving on. So why did we destroy ourselves with nuclear war?"

A: "Dogma."

I: "Can you be more specific?"

A: "Political and religious dogma. It is the root of all major conflict of your species. In your next century ... access to weaponry of mass destruction ... by states that are ruled by dogma ... will destroy your species."

I: "O.K. One last thing. What about morality? What do you base your morality on?"

A: "Compassion and evidence."

I: "O.K. That's it. Thank you."

There are a number of remarkable points contained in the words of the supposed alien's dialogue with the Interrogator.

Our presumably limited understanding of space and time today leaves an aspect of the long distance travel of any aliens unexplained, and thus on the table as a humongous problem without explanation.

The problem with the ability of aliens to supposedly travel to present day earth from afar through thousands of light years does not lie in the vast distance itself, or the time it may take to travel that distance. The truth is that, given a capability to accelerate to relativistic speeds over the space of reasonably short periods of time without the traveller being crushed by unimaginably high 'g' forces of acceleration, the travel time of an observer traveller including acceleration period, travel time, and deceleration period may in theory be reduced to practicable durations so that the traveller may reach a destination in, say six months, despite the fact that a photon of light relative to the station of departure would take thousands of years to reach the destination thousands of light years away. The key is in the period referred to above, six months, is the amount of time relative to the observer traveller's life, not the passage of time experienced by observers left behind at the departure station.

The amount of time that observers remaining at the departure point, if they were able to watch and witness the traveller's journey all the way through, would span many more thousands of years than the photons of light that they may simultaneously witness travelling through the distance. In other words, the duration of the journey for the travellers accelerated to relativistic speeds as experienced by the travellers on the one hand, and the observers remaining at the departure station, would be vastly different. The effect would be that, should the travellers decide to return to their departure point immediately after arriving at the destination, and complete their return journey in another six months according to their experience of time, they would be disappointed to find that they arrive back at their departure point many thousands of years after they left, except that their experience of their own return journey will amount to only 12 months.

This is due to space-time transformations explained in Special Relativity and the Lorenz Transformation of space and time.

The point about all of this is that, for any alien wishing to travel to earth from outside the solar system, this problem exists in full unless travel was undertaken with no intention of returning 'home'. This has posed a dilemma for thinkers about this subject. Why would aliens travel to a destination and give up their time and family ties?

The above problem disappears with the disclosure that the alien came from the same location as its destination. All we are left with is the dual problem of travel in time in the absence of travel through space, and backwards travel in time from a point in time to point in time prior to that of departure. The physics of travelling back in time are fundamentally problematic in a way that travelling forward in time is not.

The answer to this time/space problem must, we see, lie in what is referred to by the alien as OFFSET SPACIAL DIVERSION. Without doubt, this subject is worthy of much study, because it has yet to be fully understood.

We must now note the fact that since the being travels from earth to earth not through space but through time only, the being is in fact not an alien, but is an extraterrestrial.

Another interesting observation that one may make is the stated purpose of the alien’s travel to earth in our present day. The motive is in order to carry our archaeology! In this regard, the alien and his/her people are no different from ourselves in wanting to know about and understand where they themselves came from and what happened in their past.



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