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1) Banks

There is an insurmountable body of evidence accompanied by parent victims in the United Kingdom that there is and has for a long time an institutionalised and systematised child abduction and trafficking.




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Life - Human Life

There are many things wrong with the way we live and think today.

Some of these are due to change that is now taking place far too quickly for any of the changes to be assimilated in the best way into what we do to live each day that we live.

Others of these things that are wrong are due to deliberate gerrymandering and corruption of honesty and institutions that were once honest and true to their original intent, and much of this twisting of true honesty is through politics and politicisation of areas of life and living in which politics absolutely has no justifiable place, proving that politics is inherently corrupting of everything it touches.

Jordan B. Peterson on 12 Rules for Life

Some Instances

UK Column with reporter and investigator Brian Gerrish pick up on many issues that expose the deviant people now ruling Britain. The UK Column is backed up by the British Constitute Group, whose aim is to help us to spot discrepancies between the practices of rulers from national government to local councils.

Thousands of children stolen by the UK government every year !
15th January 2014

AV5 - Roger Hayes - Bankster Mortgage Fraud

The Great British Mortgage Swindle [Michael of Bernicia @ The Dignity Alliance]

UK Column Live Special (A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor) 2015-11-25