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The European Union

(The Final Solution ?)

A ''Union', or an imposed 'Superstate'?

The European Union is neither a country, nor an entity willingly joined or enjoined by the member states. Indeed, as such, the European Union, as is now apparent at the time of writing, is best described as "A privately owned criminal organisation designed to take private possession of independent democratic nation states (of and beyond) Europe".

The efficacy of the above statement is perfectly illustrated by the betrayal of Britain by Theresa May's traitorous government and a cabal of despots who are now engaged in engineering excuses for continuing the march into the private military forces of the European Union. This in the face of and total denial of a referendum vote that returned a result calling for the exit of Britain from the European Union - referred to as Brexit.


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EU Military Unification

What follows is a history of the origins of this, the fourth attempted takeover of Europe in which Gerard Batten describes how the despots of the 1930's and 40's sought at that early time to continue in their attempt to complete their plan and continue moving towards a New World Order regardless of how many attempts it might take to achieve their aims.

"The European Union is the Fourth Reich" --
Gerard Batten, MEP.


Rape of Britain

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"The European Union is the Fourth Reich"

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The European Union was until the late 1980's and early 1990's a secret objective and an organisation of the people behind the concept and idea of the 'Common Market', as enjoined by the UK by the European Economic Community Act of 1972 under Edward Heath. The EEC was in fact the European Union in disguise long before the Act was signed by the Queen of the UK in 1972, and as a term it seems that it came into being in documents written by the German Nazis in 1942.

In the video below you will hear the words "Britain will be run for a new Europe, by a New Europe, for the benefit of a New Europe".

What could possibly more starkly define the theft of one nation state by another nation state of criminal enterprise?

The Real Face of
the European Union

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The Real Face of the European Union