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The Common Market

The term 'common market' has a meaning given in the column on this page to the right, but appears on the 'National' section by reason of the term being borrowed to provide a label for 'The Common Market', or 'European Economic Community', or EEC.

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common market

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The Common Market essentially was the first public name given to an entity originally instigated by actions taken during the Second World War and immediately afterwards.

The European 'Common Market' was initially claimed to be an organisation as within the terms of the business definition of 'common market' thus: common market and to be aimed at bringing countries in the heart of Europe closer together for trading purposes. These countries included namely Germany and France, but including also the Netherlands and Denmark. Italy also was an early member for reasons not excluding that Italy was a significant player (under Mussolini) in the aggression leading to the Second World War.