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War - Invasion

Migration or Invasion ?

There may appear to be a question to which the answer could be expected to demsonstrate a vague notion of little more than an academic difference between migration, which was the means by which the human race populated the earth rather than remaining bound by the seas surrounding a single continuent, and an agressive takeover of land from former occupiers by an incoming race or people.

However, simply stating the above vividly demonstrates otherwise.

Armed invasion vs invasion by stealth

The history of England from it's occupation by the Romans to the present day contains examples of almost every kind of invasion.

One simple reason for this is it's approximation to an 'island nation state' in which its boundaries are almost completely defined by it's coastline.

The exception to this is Scotland and, to a slightly lesser extent, Wales, which are separated by a different historical lineage.


Whenever two countries or nations have disagreements and come into conflict with one another, immediately a conflict between the laws of one will come into conflict with anther.

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