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Good and Evil?

When Herbert Von Daniken looked at the alleviate evidence he recognised things that tend to be either small and easily overlooked, or large and not visible to the earthbound.

In his book 'Chariots of the Gods' there is overwhelming evidence that aliens and extra-terrestrials visited earth in the past.

The evidence it inextricably bound into the formation of ideas of the gods that many primitive peoples worship. The evidence is both direct and circumstantial, and extends into ancient writings and records that logic alone almost decides for us that the connection is not necessarily only between the gods of primitive peoples, but also equally plausibly underlying the writings and records that have given rise to Judaism, and Christianity.

It is at this point that we may reflect on the two forces in the teachings of Christianity, those of good and evil, good represented by God and God's son Jesus, and evil represented by God's counterpart, the Devil.

God and the Devil

Logic and reason almost defines as a fact that, if aliens have already arrived on earth in past millennia, then they are still here.

Further logic states that if there is one race of alien present on earth, then there are also others.

Given that we may have or have had in our presence more than one race of aliens (or extra-terrestrials) then there will be differing aspirations between them It is even conceivable that there may be severe disagreements between them.

If aliens came to represent what became to human people their god, including the Christian Lord almighty, then the laws such as the Ten Commandments logically were handed down to human beings to keep those commandments, and for those commandments to represent good.

By the same logic another race of aliens, with differing values, motives, or intentions, became the representative of the Devil, or led to the ides of the existence of the Devil. It would seem more than reasonable to regard that the aliens who have the devils values would themselves conceivably, for all intents and purposes, be the Devil!

Battles between gods

Alternatively this could read 'Battles between aliens'.

The polarised nature of opposites gives us good and evil, and God and Devil, and this is what has almost defined human beings in many respect as different from animals.

Although there may be an instinct in both humans and animals that good is good and positive, and that bad is negative, destructive, diminishing, and so on, it is in human beings that this has become formulated as defined by god.

In ancient writings, the bible, and many ancient writings there can be seen the clear competition of good and evil that may well reflect competing aspirations of differing race of aliens. It follows that, between one extreme alien view or aspiration and another alien view or aspiration, there will be start differences, and it would only require that one of these led to a different future to that of the other race of aliens for the two races to fall out and fight.

And that is not all . . .

Alien friendship and aggression towards human beings?

Following the logic in the above section, it seems inescapable that there would be an alien race that wished to subvert the human race for its own ends. The same argument could apply to say that a race of aliens may be genuinely good as we understand good, and that this race of aliens (or conceivable a single member of that alien race) wishes the best for and of the human race.

The bad alien race may well be in effect at war with human beings: and the apparent battle be a fight for control over human beings; a battle for the hearts of humans; a war against humans for control and subversion?

There are in the 21st century of the present calendar many clear battles between many different political, philosophical, and racial groups in the human race.

Realists among the human race see clearly many of these facets of geopolitics in which hundreds of thousands of helpless and poor humans are being treated to many forms of death, and many of these in covert and secretive ways, obfuscated by dishonesty, lies, fake stories, and all manner of obfuscations.

Whilst this appears for the most part to consist only of human upon human, it is not impossible that this may be representative of a struggle between groups of aliens, which may be manifesting itself in entanglements with human beings.



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