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War - Global

"War - Global", or
War against the world? or
War against the Human Race?

The questions above refer to perhaps the most extreme and serious aspects of human relationships. (We may elsewhere even question whether this in fact is a question of human relationships at all and not, perhaps, a question of relationships between aliens or extra-terrestrials and humans.)

War, by whom?

With the above in mind, we have to look not only at the question of "how", but the question of "who" would wish or have have the desire to wage war against the human population of the world.

The first problem for this question is that, if we briefly presume that for those wishing to wage war against the human population, that this is by people we may refer to as bad people, then only bad people know why, and the questions is asked by good people, good people who cannot imagine, believe, or comprehend the bad that those bad people are capable of.

We thus have not only a problem, but one of depth and breadth, a lot of which this web site is aimed at explaining..



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