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Treachery, betrayal, deception, perfidy, trickery, ruin, destruction, downfall, infiltration, overthrow, upset:

Revolt, Mutiny, Betrayal, Insurrection, Treason, Sedition,
Uprising ......



War - Information

Causes (and WW3?)

How likely is it? How pre-planned?


Right now, as of the last 25 your or more, the United Kingdom has been under attack by dishonesty, deceit, sedition, treachery, and many more people committing crimes both knowingly and with less than full awareness. Indeed, the country has been under attack for much longer than that and it can be argued that the attack began at the very same time that the second world war came to an end.


Keywords: False Flag; How you undermine an army, or a population.

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Future War

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World War 3 Real Truth Behind - Full Documentary


In today's climate of ever closer union with treason, and ever faster transformation towards a new world order and world domination by a single One World Government, the Big Media of the western nations become ever more untruthful, censored, and political in the way they are directed to put out propaganda.

Sadly, the British Broadcasting Corporation has long been buried, against the rules of its charter and all the rules pertaining to it, under an avalanche of corruption and motivations that are neither in the public nor the nation's interests.

If you wish to help make reality more visible, see UKCOLUM and help and promote, for every good and innocent child's sake.